My parents are buttheads!

You just know that’s what the kid is thinking. I thought this ‘I hate my parents’ stuff didn’t start until the teen years? Check out the angry lion:


Truth be told he was enjoying himself, including letting off the occasional roar, I just happened to catch this mug as I was snapping photos, it cracked me up, and I had to share. I’ll post a happier photo if I can find one amongst the ones we took today. This as Brady on his way to the campus Halloween parade today, in an impressive and elaborate costume his Nana put together for him.

3 thoughts on “My parents are buttheads!

  1. dlh says:

    No zebras in sight. In his class of 7-8 kids, there were like 4 other tigers/lions. There was a mouse. Perhaps that’s all he got, which would explain the pissed off kid.


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