Dual birthday party a rousing success

Here’s the family sans me shortly before the festivities commenced:

Since their birthdays are so close together we decided to hold a joint birthday party this year, once again at the Holyoke Children’s Museum. The kids love the place and had a blast. We had a about 20 children attend along with roughly as many parents, and everything went off without a hitch. Afterwords we visited the adjacent Holyoke Merry go round for a ride and both kids met Santa Clause for the first time, which they also loved. Hopefully Susan or I will get more photos up of the festivities – if we find time to do that I’ll post the link here.

Happy birthday to Laura

Laura turns 2:


We have a shared birthday party for Laura and her brother and all their friends on Saturday, but we had a small family only celebration on the actual day (Thursday 11th), captured for all posterity here. We got her a Fisher Price digital camera which truth be told her brother seems to enjoy more than her, but between them they’ve already taken almost 300 photos. I’ll try and find a good representative photo to share here once I’ve had a chance to look through them.

This wasn’t much fun the second time either


Brady was in the emergency room for the second time in his young life, once again for a seizure brought on by a rapid spike in temperature. Last time this happened it was absolutely terrifying. Susan and I spent a horrific 30 minutes driving to the hospital with basically no information aside from ‘he had a seizure.’ This time was sort of the same deal, but with us sitting there thinking ‘man, basically I hope this is the same thing.’

It was. He had a second febrile seizure and the doctors were not particularly concerned. His primary care doctor didn’t even think it necessary to see him the day after the event, they’re so unconcerned, so I’m trying hard to follow their lead.

He and I spent the day together while he recuperated and it was fun, though he did manage to scare me about as badly as I’ve ever been scared. He went down for his nap still with a mild fever. I went up to check on him after 2 hours and he was laying there staring off into space with a blank look. He didn’t react to me entering the room or me saying his name several times, causing me to panic and rush over to him, at which point he sleepily looked up at me and said ‘what, Dad?’

What indeed. This child rearing stuff is tough!

I have used more superglue…

… in the last 6 months than I have used across the rest of my 46 years. I leave it to your imagination as to the whys of this, but will mention that my children are involved, and that it’s at least several times a week now that I’m reaching for said glue after the kids are in bed. It feels like it’s almost every single day.

This leaves me with my first opinion on brands, having previously relied on tubes of Crazy Glue. Gorilla branded Super Glue is actually superior and is worth the extra expense. It doesn’t dry out in the tube and it’s slightly more viscous, making it easier to work with in most cases.

Let the record reflect that Laura’s first word is…

…’up.’ Of course she’s been communicating with us for months, but this is the first intentional verbalization that she’s consistently using correctly, including when she wants it to happen and when she recognizes it’s about to happen to her. Susan is a bit disappointed that it’s not ‘Mom,’ a word Laura does understand and sometimes use, to counterbalance the fact that Brady’s first word was ‘Dad,’ but it is what it is, the kid wants up 🙂