Sunday family chat quadcopter video

Here’s a little 30 second video taken during one of our family chats via our quadcopter (no audio from the copter), and another one of Brady snowshoeing for the first time. Feedback on playback issues welcome. I’m still tinkering so bear with me – the goal is to be able to do this reliably.

[jwplayer mediaid=”21669″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”21671″]

A test video from our quadcopter

5 thoughts on “Sunday family chat quadcopter video

  1. dadleehamilton says:

    first run-through was stop&start, particularly on “the mighty crustwalker”, but replay was smooth on both & a revisit went off without a hitch. (there might have been “operator error” on that first run-though — guessing).

    too bad your dingbat didn’t turn more fully on laura — she really lit up when she caught sight of it!


  2. dadleehamilton says:

    revisit 24 hrs later: stop/start again, just as last night. “chat” stops at .07 and needs goosed to continue, then is “sticky”; “crustwalker” stops at .12 and then at .22 (?) after a restart & then won’t respond to any prompt (click in frame, click on bar at-before-after progress button). dang you thingamajig!


  3. dlh says:

    Having also done some testing and so e tweaking, I can say: my home outbound internets are slow :(. This is what is causing the poor playback performance. Also, getting video playback working on Firefox is a bear – it still doesn’t work right. Thanks for helping test Dad. This isn’t great, but I can at least get little clips up for patient folks to see.


  4. Jesse says:

    Your web server is the pits. I’m still waiting for the other video to load.
    That copter is too cool. I didn’t realize you were videoing when you showed it to us the other week.


  5. dlh says:

    It’s not the webserver, it is my ISP. Every time I run into this stuff I want to go on a rant about US ISPs and how in the land that invented the internet, that wanders around the world smacking people around about free speech, we are getting fucked by our corporations. They are in a sense gagging me. It infuriates me, as you can probably tell.

    Anyway thanks for testing, The conclusion seems to be ‘this works, if you are really patient, and not using firefox.’

    (I might be able to fix firefox, but maybe it’s not worth the time).

    Also the helicopter rocks. ~$80. I love the thing.


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