Contact info

Note that in several cases on this page I have added bogus characters to email and phone numbers to try and protect against spammers and robots. Also note I’m basically not a phone person. Your chances of actually getting me on the phone are about equal to your chances of winning a state lottery. If you want to get in touch, try electronic methods first, then try them again a few times before you try the phone.



Snail mail address:

David Hamilton
47 Country Corners Road
Amherst, MA 01002


I maintain a number of email addresses which I’ve listed below. I prefer that personal correspondence go to the gmail address and professional correspondence go to the address. The yahoo address is my spam address though I do check it from work on a regular basis. Note that as of February of 2014 I no longer have my tempus67@speedymail address, I dropped it. Any communication from that address after that date is not from me.


Instant messaging:

  • You can use my gmail identity: david.hamilton
  • You can use my work identity, which is

For many many years I used an ICQ account as my primary IM identity. It was stolen in August of 2008 and is no longer valid, despite the profile on still showing me, my website, etc. If you’re contacted from ICQ identity 4207965, this is NOT ME, no matter how convincing the potential scammer on the other side of the conversation may sound.

Other methods of contact:

  • I accept Bitcoin payments via: 1CRUqa5aSdvyegTaLpMiSHa52se1Z96jui – but tell me if you’re planning to do this as I’ll need to coordinate.
  • I accept Paypal payments via my email address
  • I tweet sporadically @tempus
  • I’m on facebook at david.hamilton though I almost never use it
  • I’m on onename @ davidhamilton