Let the record reflect that Laura’s first word is…

…’up.’ Of course she’s been communicating with us for months, but this is the first intentional verbalization that she’s consistently using correctly, including when she wants it to happen and when she recognizes it’s about to happen to her. Susan is a bit disappointed that it’s not ‘Mom,’ a word Laura does understand and sometimes use, to counterbalance the fact that Brady’s first word was ‘Dad,’ but it is what it is, the kid wants up šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Let the record reflect that Laura’s first word is…

  1. dadleehamilton says:

    at the end of last week’s chat — in which you revealed this and laura chimed in with confirmation — she clearly said “bye” during the two-hand wave, and linds heard her say “laura” somewhere in there. you might have to master speed steno in order to keep up.


  2. dlh says:

    Yep, the talking is coming quickly. She’s not yet asking the name of things, but when she holds something up and I say the name of the thing ,and she manages to repeat it, she giggles and gets excited. We’re on the cusp of words, bigtime, I think.


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