Quick Sandy update

We made it through relatively unscathed. Brady and I rode out the storm at home, playing with his toys and occasionally looking out the window to see the wind blow. Mid-afternoon I noticed some large piece had come off of the barn, so he and I suited up and went out to investigate. It turned out to be a panel of the tin roofing over the animal stalls – it got ripped off along with some pieces of the chipboard roofing that’s underneath it. I plopped Brady in the trailer of our tractor while I pulled the detritus into the barn as I didn’t want the sheet metal flying about. He was quite taken with the whole episode, and couldn’t stop chatting about the wind and the broken barn roof all morning this morning.

We also lost a tree, one which I had been considering taking down anyway, which fell over harmlessly in the middle of our yard. My neighbor lost a pretty large tree which fortunately fell parallel to his property instead of over into my yard, where it could have landed on one of our sheds.

Beyond that it was smooth sailing. We never lost power or internet, our new roof held without leaking (though once again water was coming in via the patio doors), and I even managed to watch the Monday Night Football game, though the Directv was stuttering now and then during the heaviest periods of rain.

I’ll try to post some pictures this weekend, but overall, boy am I glad that this wasn’t a repeat of last year’s week long October/November power outage.

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