I put my money where my mouth is

I don’t talk about politics much here. The folks who stop by generally know where I stand. It’s Presidential election time though, and once again it’s pretty important in my view. Last time I felt so strongly about it was after Bush II’s disastrous first term, which at that time I thought was a shoe in for a democrat. This time around I’m less optimistic, in part based on that experience – a 4 year disaster to my view was rewarded with 4 more years of even worse disaster.

Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again.

When Obama ran last time, I had no children and was helping pay a cheap mortgage on Susan’s house – in other words, compared to now I had a lot of wiggle room in my monthly budget, and I gave generously to his campaign. This time it was harder, but even so:


I did what I could. Here’s me hoping my ‘investment’ pays off.

If you haven’t done so already, please get yourself over to your local polling place and vote, regardless of where your inclinations lie. That said, I dearly hope they lie in the same region as mine 😉

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