How I work


I switched to a standing desk several weeks ago. So far I’m loving it. My back does get a bit tired by the end of the day, but not so much that it dissuades me. I’m standing for most of the workday at this point, stopping for a rest for at most 45 minutes out of the day. I also do 3 2 minute sessions on an interval trainer I picked up. You can just barely see it tucked under the desk to my right in the photo. And yes, my office is generally as messy as how it looks in this photo.


What we have here is a failure to communicate

Susan’s out of town so I was on my own taking care of Brady this morning. This means I bring him into the shower with me because he can’t be left to his own devices yet. I stripped him down then started filling the tub. When I set him down in the bathroom he immediately trundled over to the toilet, tapped it on the lid, exclaimed, and looked over at me. He’s fascinated by the toilet and we’re constantly having to pull him away from it, so I said something along the lines of ‘nope! Toilets are not for babies!’ This sequence repeated a couple of times. After the third time, he gave me a funny look when I once again admonished him, then took two steps away from the toilet, squatted, and pooped.


Who’s smarter than who in this exchange? I’m thinking it wasn’t me.