How I work


I switched to a standing desk several weeks ago. So far I’m loving it. My back does get a bit tired by the end of the day, but not so much that it dissuades me. I’m standing for most of the workday at this point, stopping for a rest for at most 45 minutes out of the day. I also do 3 2 minute sessions on an interval trainer I picked up. You can just barely see it tucked under the desk to my right in the photo. And yes, my office is generally as messy as how it looks in this photo.


5 thoughts on “How I work

  1. dlh says:

    And if you’re observant, yep, I am looking at a dog picture on imgr 😉 Susan came by to snap this at lunch, and I was browsing reddit when she showed up.


  2. Jesse says:

    You should get one of those Chef’s mats (though I’m sure they’re cheaper if you can find them without the word “Chef”) to stand on. It’ll help your feet and back out.


  3. Leslie Beasley says:

    The point is: a standing desk doesn’t mean you’re standing for 8 hours a day straight. That’s just not healthy. For me, standing a few hours a day has had its benefits and drawbacks.


  4. dlh says:

    I am tempus on reddit. I rarely post – I almost exclusively lurk, though I’ve been doing it for years. You should see how many people try and snarfle my username from me.

    I am considering the chefs mat idea – for now I am going to see if my back will toughen up/get used to it.


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