4 thoughts on “Like father, like son

  1. David says:


    Yeah this is my current fave photo, though I am about to post another funny one. He likes lots of things on the tablet, though his current favorites are the squiggle app (draw squiggles and drop stickers onto a photo, then press go and watch it all animate) and a card matching game where you can choose different card decks (vehicles, cars, signs, etc) and try to find matching pairs.

    The ipad is a terrific teaching tool, I give it lots of credit, though it does cause lots of ‘wah, I want more ipad!!!!!!! tantrums.’


  2. dlh says:

    Ha! He knows what videogames are, sort of, and is interested in them (he knows I like to play them for example, and watches me play sometimes), but his ability to actually play is really limited so far. Interestingly, while he can’t use a mouse, he can make his way around a touchscreen and LOVES using mom and dad’s phones and ipads.


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