No better way to enjoy a lunchbreak

So a slightly embarrasing admission: for the last 8-9 months, I’ve often spent my lunch hour playing desktop tower defense, this excellent flash game where you build mazes out of little defensive towers with various capabilities, attempting to stop endless waves of creeps from making their way to the opposite sides of your maze. I play it over on, where they have various challenges integrated into their flash portal, and the top challenge for Desktop Tower Defense is to score >12,000 points on one particular level. It’s hard. REALLY hard. I’ve spent an unbelievable amount of time trying various strategies on that level, reading up on the game’s forums, and watching Youtube videos of others who’ve managed to beat it. Today I finally managed it, barely squeaking by with 12,054 points. I can’t tell you how psyched I am to have beat this, as silly as it seems. I haven’t been this engrossed with a game in I don’t know how long. Now I can throw down the gauntlet: anyone else think they can do this? I scoff at the notion 🙂

Below is my winning maze, for those that are interested. Note that the big central area was filled with anti-air towers for most of the game – I sold them off right near the end and bought several additional bash towers, also spending a good deal on upgrading a number of pellet towers. For most of the game, the only non-anti-air towers I had were 1 bash tower and two ink guns.

Now that I have a winning formula I suspect I could bump up my score a bit, but… I’m done. I’ve been obsessing on this for months, now that I’ve beat it, I’m moving on.

(I’ll just go off to find another tower defense game to obsess over 😉

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