Friday fun link: Kongregate

Kongregate has been around for a while, and it’s finally coming into its own. It’s a gaming portal site that attempts to collect all the flash games on the web and wrap them up in a social networking framework with achievements, friends lists, daily and weekly challenges, and more. It’s all free to participate in, and it’s more compelling than it sounds – I’m increasingly addicted to logging in and playing a few rounds of games like Desktop Tower Defense and Endless Zombie Rampage on my lunch break or after exercising in the evenings. It’s even displaced some of my regular Team Fortress 2 sessions. Many of the games incorporate a variety of challenges and achievements into the Kongregate framework, which earn you points and cards to be used in their upcoming collectible card game. The whole premise is clever, too – they subsidize development for games, they reward game developers with cash for developing popular games, and they reward the players for helping rate these games.

I really hope this succeeds for them on a broad scale. They should work on integration with the gaming consoles to build an even broader audience. Meanwhile, if you want to give it a shot, accounts are free and take only a moment to setup. My username is Tempus on the site, and at present I’m a 4th level… space potato? Who knows what that icon is.

Oh…and this week’s challenge is to win their new Campaign Game, which is sort of a mashup of risk and chess. The chance to watch an animated bobble-head Hillary Clinton bitchslap a bobble-headed Rudy Guiliani makes it worth checking out, trust me.

0 thoughts on “Friday fun link: Kongregate

  1. Jim Greer says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for the plug! Integration with the gaming consoles is tough because you have to play by the big guys’ rules… Our next big press is going to be to get broader web distribution (partnerships and social network apps, basically).


  2. dlh says:

    Hi there,

    Sure thing – I’ve really been enjoying Kongregate. Best of luck to you with it. I guess I hope the console folks pony up for flash licenses – all you folks need is for the ps3 and wii browser to support flash 9 and you’d have a ton of content that would appeal to the console folks. Not all games work, but I imagine it would be easy enough to have a console category/games optimized for them. Anyway, best of luck. I’ll get my account configured to feed into facebook since I’ve seen the notification pop up now and then.


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