A saturday hike and a picture of Susan

It was an absolutely beautiful winter day today, with temperatures in the mid 40’s and a bright, sunny sky. Susan and I took the dogs hiking near Miller’s Falls, MA. We originally intended to hike in the trail system on Northfield mountain, but for some reason the trails were closed so we headed down the road to Wendell Mountain State forest and hiked a mile or so around a lake there. A lot of folks have been asking me to post a picture of Susan, so this gives me the perfect excuse to do so, using a photo I shot this morning:

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Ok, she’s so cute I can’t resist posting another photo:

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0 thoughts on “A saturday hike and a picture of Susan

  1. Drew says:

    Dogs? What kind of dog does Susan have?
    Hi Susan.
    I ended up at the light at rts 47 & 9 last Saturday night. Came down 47 heading south, got caught at the light and realized, hey, Dave lives right there! Mark and I went to the Ironhorse and saw Lori Mckenna. It was a good time.


  2. dlh says:

    Susan has a black lab mix. Funny about you guys passing right by my house. I wasn’t home though, I was in Northampton having dinner at Spirellos, then down in Holyoke at Susan’s house. You should have told me you guys were passing through, I would have met you for a beer or two in Northampton.


  3. Susan says:

    Hi Drew,

    It’s definitely too bad we didn’t know you were in town. Perhaps I could have persuaded David to go see Lori, who I love. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you soon.


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