Team Fortress 2 script archive

Team Fortress 2 is the finest multiplayer FPS to be released in years, a triumph of design and art direction. I’ve been playing it constantly. Here’s a handy archive of scripts you can use to enhance the playing experience. Perma-duck ftw!

0 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 script archive

  1. dlh says:

    Yeah, some of them are questionable, but some are super handy, like the duck key being sticky instead of having to hold it down. The quake engines, which Source engine was originally derived from, have always had these kinds of issues, my fave from the original quake days being the ‘spin 180 degrees and shoot down at a 30 degree angle with the rocket launcher’ script everyone learned to run. Bind that one to a key, and when you have someone chasing you, hit that key and BAM, he gets a rocket to the face/testacles. No more chaser!


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