Second MRI a mixed bag

I had my second MRI a couple of days ago. Surgery is about 99% likely at this point. The MRI itself was fine, better than the last one in fact, because they gave me headphones so I had something to focus on besides the incredibly loud sounds emanating from the MRI machine. Prior to the MRI though I had to have a substance injected into my shoulder blade to provide contrast for the MRI, which involved getting a 4″ long needle jammed into my shoulder joint. It was surprisingly painless but it was still super unpleasant – all my instincts were screaming at me to yank that thing out of my shoulder and run away and it took a lot of effort to force myself to just lay still on the table. Anyway glad it’s over – next up is a return to the orthopedic specialist to review my surgical options now that he has better MRI data to figure out what the best procedure will be.

0 thoughts on “Second MRI a mixed bag

  1. Drew says:

    You are lucky yours was painless. Mine was definitely not. And it took them longer than usual to accomplish. I did not enjoy that part of it at all. The MRI afterwards was enjoyable after the torture I went through before hand.
    That sucks about surgery, kind of. Bad up front, but in the long run hopefully things get healed up nicely.
    Good luck with that.


  2. dlh says:

    Yeah mine took a while too, with the needle. They kept having to tinker with it while it was in my shoulder to get it in just the right spot to cause the dye to disperse, which involved a lot of removal and plunging and my least favorite, firm thumpings on the butt of the injector. YIKES! Sucked that you had pain though – I was dreading it, but they injected my arm with something at two depths that completely numbed everything out, I felt almost nothing beyond deep thumpings.


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