Printer dilemma

What would you do were you me? I have a samsung laser printer that’s treated me well. Its first toner cartridge, which lasted about 2 years, is finally dead. Replacing it will cost me ~$80. The samsung has two inadequacies – it’s USB only, so I have to swap the USB cable from laptop to windows PC to linux box, depending on what I want to print from, and it’s monochrome. I could get a networkable color samsung laser printer, the 300N, for $299. Were you me, would you drop the $80 on another toner cartridge for the non-networked monochrome printer, or would you spend a good bit more to get networking and color? On the one hand, buying the toner feels like I am throwing close to $100 away, but on the other hand, I don’t really want to be spending $300 at the moment.

0 thoughts on “Printer dilemma

  1. Drew says:

    No USB wifi adapter for it?
    If color is useful I would go that route and try and recoup some $$ on a Craigslist sale of the Samsung.


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