Tree falls on house, I lose internet and spend 3 days bored to tears

I’m back. A tree fell on my house and knocked out power and internet. I was away and was getting on the ferry when I checked my voicemail Sunday night and discovered the police had taped off my house because a tree had fallen and there were live power lines jumping around in my driveway. That problem was cleared up by the time I got home 3 hours later, but I had no power and no access to my driveway. I also had police tape across my door but I was exhausted and figured they wouldn’t mind if I took it off. I was right, though when I woke to flashlight in my face at three in the morning at first I thought the cops were there to bust me for breaking into my own house. Turns out the power company was there at 3AM to get the power working again and the guy in the bucket truck was on the other side of the window from me trying to find the power connections.

Anyway things are back to normal now, though the house took a minor beating and I lost some things to broken glass – some of my winter jammy type clothes, most of my exercise clothing, and Soolin’s dog bed, all of which were encrusted with glass chunks and powder. It could have been much much worse – had that tree fallen a few more feet in the wrong direction it could have taken the front of the house off or even knocked it over. 3 days without internet was ultimately the worst of it.

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