Another beautiful weekend

Well, had another great weekend. Saturday was standard domesticity. The weather had promised mostly cloudy and dim, so I hung home, ran errands, and cleaned. Of course the weather turned out to be wrong and it was mostly sunny, but what can you do. Sunday I headed to Haystack mountain which is near Wilmington, VT, and summited it with Soolin. You can check out my route there and back again, and check out the part I was sure I would get turned aroun and lost in.

The hike itself was decent. The summit was great – exposed rock, scruffy pine everywhere and nice views of a lake and the region to the east. The trail itself wasn’t that challenging. A big piece of it followed an old gravel road bed and there were only short sections of significant incline. All in it was about 4 miles round trip and the toughest thing about it was the heat. Fortunately it was a very breezy day which helped with the bugs and to cool me off.

I saw no one on my way in, but I ran into a lot of folks on my way out. I took some decent photos with my new camera including a couple of panoramas – I’ll post here again once I’ve got those online.

[edit] I forgot to mention the height. ~3100 feet at the summit if I recall correctly, although in this case I only personally ascended about ~1k of that because the drive to the trailhead was where most of the mountain was climbed – some seriously steep roads too, there were a couple of places where I thought the car simply wouldn’t be able to climb without slipping.

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