My name is Dave, and I eat bugs

So I commute to work on my bike as often as I can. There’s this great bike trail that pretty much runs door to door from my house to my office, and it’s tree lined, shady, and has water running alongside portions of it. These are all good things because they help to keep it cool and comfortable. There’s one downside though, which is that there are tons of bugs flitting about under the trees, and almost every time I ride to work I end up with one or two in my mouth. Sometimes they get caught in my throat and until today I thought that was the worst of it, but on the way home a (beetle?) smashed like a grape against my upper teeth. Talk about the ultimate bug gross out, I had no water on the bike and ended up pulled off the side of the trail trying to cleanse the bug slime out. Gross! Still, never one to be ashamed, I’ll just fess up: my name is Dave, and yes, I eat bugs.


0 thoughts on “My name is Dave, and I eat bugs

  1. dlh says:


    Dunno why bugs are on my mind. Meanwhile I have been fostering the development of a giant spider in m bathroom, whose job it is to eat the bugs. This morning I got in the shower and the steam or something made him drop off his perch on the ceiling and fall onto my leg. He’s huge, and it was all I could do to keep myself from squashing him.


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