Allow me to spend $2.50 of your hard earned cash

If you’re on a pc and grew up on a healthy diet of quarter-fueled arcade games in the 80’s, fire up your steam account, or go to, make an account, and download the steam client if you don’t already have it. Once you’re logged in, buy Geometry Wars for a measly $2.50. There has never, in the history of videogames, been a deal this good. I’ve talked endlessly about Geometry Wars and the various clones of it that have come out over the last couple of years, and the original is better than any of them. It’s an 8-way shooter, a genre of action arcade game inspired by Robotron, one of the seminal arcade games from the height of arcade era.

The $2.50 price only lasts until June 22nd, after which you’ll have to lay down a whopping $3.99 to acquire your copy, so hop on this now.

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