An almost perfect weekend

First let me get the bad out of the way. I lost my digital camera, a waterproof Pentax Optio W20, that I liked and more importantly that had pictures of my last two hikes plus a bunch of other stuff on it. That’s the less than perfect angle to my otherwise excellent weekend. My best guess is I must have left it on the roof of my car as I pulled away from a trail head.

We had great weather. Saturday I took back roads and the cobbled together state highway system in MA up to Watatic Mountain, ~1800 feet, where Soolin and I made a roughly 3 mile hike. The views from the summit were great, encompassing a clear view of about 220 degrees of the surrounding area and with exposed granite rock to clamber around on. The trail itself was a decent cardio buster for a stretch and most of it worked its way through beautiful old pine forest. It was a bit shorter than I had expected and there were a lot of folks around, which surprised me since it’s in a relatively remote area. I guess it’s easier to get to from Worcester than I imagined when I was scoping it out on the map.

Anyway I decided to take a leisurely back roads cruise home, starting with 119 which wends its way through several small New Hampshire towns. I cut south on 10 and from there back onto 91. All in all this took most of the day – I left home around 10 and got home around 5. Had a nice dinner, watched the mediocre The Killers (I’d read that it was one of the movies that inspired pulp fiction and that Hemingway had written it. As to the former, I guess I can see the connection, as to the latter….the script didn’t really impress) and an even more mediocre boxing match which I fell asleep to.

Sunday I mowed, ran errands, and took Soolin for a swim. Nothing exciting really but a pleasant end cap to a great weekend.

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