Had a great summer weekend

I took a 3 day weekend and spent friday on a hike and drive in north central MA, then headed down to Long Island for my friend Pat’s 40th birthday.

I’ll post a few pictures from the hike later. I went to a trail system near Long Pond, which is sort of near Athol and Royalston, MA. These are the kinds of areas I like in MA – they’re only lightly populated and generally aren’t afflicted with the sort of run down strip mall retail blight you find is so much of the more populated areas of MA. Plus you occasionally run into one of the quaint old towns with a public square and grand old houses.

The hike itself was decent. I found what would have been a spectacular waterfall had I gone in the early spring. It was still running enough for it to look cool, and Soolin had a blast clambering all over the place. We also made our way to a rock ledge that sat about 1100 ft above long pond and looked out over the surrounding area. All told it was about 4-5 miles round trip over generally really easy terrain – the only hard stuff was near the steep sections of the creek that fed the waterfall. The bugs were annoying but not overwhelming and the weather was excellent.

I also took a leisurely drive home in the afternoon, choosing to try and hug the east side of the Quabbin reservoir since I had not yet seen that side of it, but I managed to miss a turn and ended up sort of lost. It was funny in that I ended up in South Barre, a town my friend Andrew used to live in where I visited him occasionally, so suddenly I had this ‘aha! I know where I am!’ moment after a half hour of feeling like I was heading in the wrong direction.

Saturday I headed down to LI and went to Pat’s supposedly surprise 40th birthday. I showed up first and ended up being the only surprise for Pat because he showed up second. All in all we had a blast, with tons of kids running around, lots of beer, and a ton of jumping in the pool.

Sunday I went to a Father’s Day party at my sister’s inlaws place. They had a pool too and Soolin had a blast jumping in after toys. Kir’s inlaws are great cooks and the food was fantastic.

I’ve grown to love the ferries – that’s how I got home. Despite only booking a reservation Sunday morning, I managed to get on the 7:30 ferry and I was home in bed by 10:30. All in all a great summer weekend. I had so much fun I want to go back again next weekend.

0 thoughts on “Had a great summer weekend

  1. Drew says:

    I miss Barre, and central Mass. Comet pond, Mt Wachusett, Petersham country store, the Quabbin area. I have been here in Saratoga for 2.5 years and have not really taken to it like central Mass.
    Of course, here I am 4 miles from work, so is Patty, so that is worth something. At least gas wise it is…


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