New web development kid on the block

Check out Aptana, a new eclipse-based (and thus cross platform) web development tool. This is pretty slick stuff and the first thing to challenge Jedit as my web editor of choice. Mind you, this is a full-featured IDE so it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a look for those managing lab or corporate disk images, or for folks who are looking to take their html skills up a notch and move to professional tools. If you’re already a Dreamweaver user and a bit skeptical, it’s my observation that this is actually less complicated to use than Dreamweaver, and losing the GUI and learning what’s going on with your code is to your professional benefit anyway.

The site also has some great screencasts that walk you through how to use the tool, really these are a model for how to deploy effective screencasts and the developers are deserve praise for their approach. Aptana’s also available as a plugin for those of you who are already using Eclipse or another eclipse-based tool distribution.

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