Great sleepwalking story

This one’s from my youth. My cousin was a sleepwalker when he was young. When he was about 10, my aunt and uncle were at the neighbors playing cards. They had left the kids home in bed. They were literally about 20 feet away at the next door neighbors house. They had forgotten to put up the sheet of plywood they used to keep my cousin from wandering too far when he sleep walked, however, and when they came home my aunt checked the bedroom and he was not in his bed. Panic ensued and they ran through the house looking for him. They found my cousin in the kitchen, the fruit bin of the fridge pulled out, his rear perched on it, making poopy.


The doctor had told my aunt not to shock my cousin or violently awaken him if they found him sleepwalking, so they let him conclude his business then shepherded him upstairs and back into his bed. my poor uncle got stuck cleaning up the mess.

This was one of those ‘you can’t let him know you know this story!’ stories when I was a kid, so I never got to tease my poor cousin about the incident, but I laugh every time I think of it.

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