Toys R Us annual sale

Just a heads up – as with previous years, Toys R Us is having it’s buy 2, get 1 free game sale. This year it’s happening between October 22nd and October 28th. If you’re a gamer or if you need to buy christmas presents for friends or family, this is a great way to save ~$50. This year they’re including games for handheld systems in the offer. I’m not sure what I’ll be getting but there are a number of PS2 and Nintendo DS games that are on my list. I’ll post back after I make my decisions.

0 thoughts on “Toys R Us annual sale

  1. dlh says:

    Ha ha, not likely. They might have an intellivision game pack for one of the modern consoles though, I seem to recall at least one of those has come out.


  2. dlh says:

    So as a followup – this year’s edition of the sale was really lame. ToysRUs took over management of their own site after years of handling it, and it shows – their inventory SUCKS compared to years past, to the point where I’m not taking advantage of the sale for the first time in years because they don’t have the games I want in stock.


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