Today’s delicious food tip – Fage Yogurt

Check out Fage yogurt, which unlike most domestic US yogurts is not chock full of sweeteners and corn syrup for texture. It’s got an awesome, rich texture, is fat free and low carb. Mix it with some sugar free jello for a dessert, or eat it plain as a snack. Great stuff, the only downside is it’s a little spendy.

0 thoughts on “Today’s delicious food tip – Fage Yogurt

  1. Jesse Hamilton says:

    I’ve been getting it at Trader Joe’s for about 8 months now. I eat one every day with lunch. I recommend honey, for those who can. I also prefer the 2%.
    They even have one that comes with 2/3 of the yogurt and a separate 1/3 section full of honey. Same price, less yogurt, so I bring my own honey…


  2. dlh says:

    Actually my stop n shop here has the Fage stuff, for whatever reason they do not stock it in the yogurt section though, it is off by itself with other refrigerated oddities like gifeltefish (!!)


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