Google acquiring Youtube

The news of this is all over the net of course. I’m only mentioning it here because the numbers are astounding. In 19 months, a team of what was ultimately 56 people managed to create 1.6 billion in value in a company. Zero to 1.6 freaking billion, or roughly $28 million a person, in less than 2 years. One hopes numbers like this will wake up the content companies who are obsessively focused on locking their content away behind DRM – the market values open and free trading of content to a basically unimaginable extent.

0 thoughts on “Google acquiring Youtube

  1. dlh says:

    It’s funny, every time I see something like this (ebay, google, aol) I am reminded of Richard Pryor in the crappy superman movie, where he figures out how to deal with the rounding off of 1/2 cents in a bank’s accounting system and routes all the half pennies to his checking account – a seemingly very small observation leads to incredible $$$. Problem is, I have never had that tiny insight.


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