Soolin has Lyme’s disease

So I’m majorly majorly bummed to find out that my dog Soolin has Lyme’s disease, and in fact has likely had it since January or so. I completely misread the signs and feel like an awful dog-dad for missing it. She started experiencing joint pain in January of this year but I chalked it up to this spectacular wipeout she had on ice one day which led her to be unable to rise off of her haunches unassisted for several days, and to off and on bouts of pain in her hips.

I’m fortunate in that the disease could have chosen to attack something aside from her joints, which could have quickly killed her. There’s still some concern that permanent damage might have been done that won’t evince itself immediately, but on the positive side she hasn’t shown any indications of other maladies so there’s also hope that the antibiotics she’s on now will be the only issue she has to deal with.

For now it’s a month on antibiotics and a hope that all will end well.

0 thoughts on “Soolin has Lyme’s disease

  1. Drew says:

    Stan says w00f and wishes her a speedy recovery.

    FWIW Jessica’s dog Chio had lyme pretty bad to the point of not being able to jump in the car and he went on meds and is now his old self.


  2. Drew says:

    Being in MA won’t help. It started in Connecticut and spread from there. I got bit by a tick in Mississippi when I was in the Air Force and tested positive for Lyme 6 months later. Ticks are evil. I pulled one off of Stan last night with my handy tick twister. It was dead thanks to the Frontline, but the Frontline doesn’t stop them from biting. It only kills after the fact.
    I need to find a repellant I can put on Stan that won’t make him sick when he licks his fur.


  3. dlh says:

    My landlord swears advantix works better. I have no idea if it’s true.

    I lost my tick twister in the move 😦

    But I did find my iron last night after tearing the house apart multiple times trying to find it, so I have some hope the tick twister will eventually show up.


  4. Drew says:

    I don’t know, the tick twisters are might small implements. If you find them it will be sheer luck I am thinking.
    Good luck with the search.


  5. Aunt Melissa says:

    Mickey had lymes as well and did good with the antibiotics. Soolin will be fine. You caught it early Dave…it is hard to pin point the exact time between bite and diagnosis, I was told it be as much as a year!
    …and what on earth is a tick twister??


  6. Drew says:

    A tick twister is a crowbar for ticks. It really kind of looks like a crowbar, but on a miniature scale. You sled the tick into the groove, but instead of pulling the tick out in a crowbar fashion, you spin the thing in your fingers and out comes the tick.
    I have used it on Stan successfully I 3 or 4 times now. It removed the whole tick each time too. Once one of them was still alive, not long enough in there for the Frontline to kill it.
    They are pretty cheap and some vets carry them. I bought mine online.


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