I’ve become an outsourced tech support provider for Blizzard

Blizzard makes the incredibly successful game World of Warcraft. The game has bugs, like any game. One of them causes folks with certain ethernet cards and settings to get disconnected when they turn in quests in the game. It’s super annoying. What’s worse is Blizzard hasn’t documented the issue very well, and since I did, and wrote about it here (after struggling to resolve the issue), google now sees me as the source of the solution to the problem. You can test this yourself by searching google for ‘disconnect turning in quests’ and look what you get, by way of example. It’s not the only combination of terms which gets you here.

I continue to get comments and email about the pieceI initially made about this which provided the fix, and it’s been the number one hit on my website now for several months. Today I finally emailed Blizzard using their tech support form, we’ll see if they do anything about it. I’ve copied my original email below.

I’m tempted to use Digg and similar sites to try and embarrass Blizzard into finally taking care of this, at the least by giving their users better documentation. We’ll see where the support email gets me and I’ll go from there.

The original support request I sent them is below.


Heads up for you folks regarding the constant disconnects when turning in quests bug – my website’s post on this issue is the #1 search result in google for the solution to the problem for a lot of your customers, and they’re coming to me instead of to you because your site doesn’t have adequate information. Please consider updating the information about the quest disconnect bug and adjusting ethernet driver settings such that it’s accurate and my site stops being the source of the solution.

(or just fix the bug 😉

(or pay me for the bandwidth I’m saving you 🙂

Kidding aside, lots of folks would be happier if you would spend some time at least documenting the issue and the solution better.

the post that folks are using:



0 thoughts on “I’ve become an outsourced tech support provider for Blizzard

  1. dlh says:

    Yeah, about what I expected. A form letter with a little note from an actual human that went something like “I think we documented the fix for this, see our help pages”

    Losers. The whole point is their customers can’t FIND the answer in their help pages, nor can google, so they end up at my site.


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