Motorcycle lovers may proceed with the feelings of jealousy

This post is for my friends who love bikes. My brother just bought his heart’s desire after talking about it off and on for what seems like forever. I won’t spoil the surprise by saying what it was he got aside from noting that it’s an excellent motorcycle, though I will warn Andrew – you’d best not click through the link to the photos since you might burst into tears, lamenting your long lost love.

Anyway check out my brother looking like a motorcycle geek on his site – warning, he’s using flash.

0 thoughts on “Motorcycle lovers may proceed with the feelings of jealousy

  1. Drew says:

    An R bike, but I can’t tell which one. Cool looking ride though. Good for him (You Jesse if you read this)
    I just bought Nick’s KLR 650 to go tool around the Adirondacks in. 😉

    I still daydream about buying my K back from Nick’s old boss though. Once the home equity line is paid off, who knows…. I will bribe Patty with a bedroom set of furniture maybe.


  2. Jesse says:

    Yeah, Andrew you had a K bike, right? This one isn’t quite that. Its an r1150r. Only 100hp. I don’t think it’ll do wheelies. 120mph is a good bit more than i need for a top speed and in theory, I have about 200k miles left in the motor.
    The new K1200RS ( ? ) is insane. something like 170 horsepower in a 400 pound bike… too much for me.

    have fun in the hills on the dirtbike. that seems like a good time too…


  3. Drew says:

    From what you say Jesse, it would appear that BMW no longer voluntarily adheres to the 100 HP limit. My bike only had 100 HP. It was capable of more but I was told that BMW kept it below because of some government regulation or some crap like that, German Gov if I remember correctly.
    Sweet bike you got yourself. You take an MSF course yet? You can learn a thing or two and get a deduction on your insurance too.
    Is that an Aerostitch suit you are wearing?

    Ride safe and remember, loud pipes save lives man…. huh?
    I love when people say that. hehehehe


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