My first Amherst project goes online

So this is pretty silly, but still it’s the first thing that’s come online here at Amherst that I’ve had a direct hand in – a webcam we’ve setup to show the reconstruction of a collection of fossilized remains the college owns which will be on display in the new Earth Sciences building. We’re also capturing 4 frames per second so that we can build a time lapse movie of the reconstruction once they’ve finished. I’ll post a link to that once it’s finished. The reconstruction itself is only going to take 3-4 days, and in their first day there’s already a good bit of progress.

0 thoughts on “My first Amherst project goes online

  1. Drew says:

    I want to see Soolin running across my screen with a big old bone in her mouth and a trail of college students chasing her around. I’d pay to see that!!


  2. dlh says:

    Nice one Drew, that cracked me up and I ended up sharing it around campus with the folks who worked on the camera. We actually joked around with the idea of sending soolin in with a big fake bone as a gag, but there are folks working and we doubt the geologists would find it funny, especially if real bones ended up damaged, so it was a no go. It lives on in my imagination though 🙂


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