In the midst of moving – site going down soon

So I’m in the midst of moving. I went with a pod this time. So far so good, I’ll post more as soon as the process is finished. But the reason I’m posting is this site may come and go over the next several days and at some point between now and March 1 it may go away for several days or possibly even a week or more. Much depends on Charter internet service in MA – we’ll see how quickly they turn around my order for service, and whether they block port 80.

The webcams will be down as well, yes, even the working one, as of tomorrow morning when I bring down my media server.

The one downside to using pods is I will lose access to my stuff for about a week. Good thing I got some practice keeping myself entertained with the recent power outage – soon enough I’ll have no access to any of my toys and be stuck sitting around a barren cottage. I’d go hiking but the weather’s looking to be pretty cold so I doubt that’s on the agenda. We’ll see how it goes. For now you can expect infrequent to nonexistent updates here until after the first, barring some alternative arrangements (like parking my server in Andrew’s basement for a couple of weeks).

0 thoughts on “In the midst of moving – site going down soon

  1. Drew says:

    You could babysit Stan. The Stan/Soolin combo would keep you very busy.

    You are welcome to wireless access and anything else I have to offer during this period of monkhood you will be practicing.


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