Things to do when you lose power for 2 days

So we had a minor natural disaster – 70+mph winds came blowing through and knocked out power in the region. Figures Saratoga Springs and Greenfield Center suffered the worst damage in the entire region. Parts of Saratoga had no power for three days and I lost it from Friday morning through late Saturday night. So what’s an internet geek to do in such a case? Well…

  • Read a novel. Actually, 1.5 novels. I started Kim Robinson’s ‘Red Mars,’ then decided it was not to my taste 1/3 of the way through, and switched to Octavia Butler’s The Fledgling. Given that the only candles I had in the house were tea lights, and they were scattered everywhere around my living room, I figured a vampire story was appropriate. It was a decent book too.
  • Lacking any news at all for more than 24 hours, start to imagine that you’re having a repeat of the widespread power outage from several years ago.
  • Curse the lack of gasoline in your car and your inability to acquire more.
  • Realize you should have withdrawn some cash from the bank since you have no way of getting any more. Vow to always keep $200 in cash hidden in the house from now on.
  • Curse well water, pumps, and the lack of flushing toilets or water of any kind. But especially the toilets.
  • Daydream about the hot shower you so badly want.
  • Muse in wonder at just how quickly the fabric of modern society crumbles with the lack of power.
  • Lay around on your couch thankful that you have a gas heater that’s still working.

0 thoughts on “Things to do when you lose power for 2 days

  1. Drew says:

    You could do what I did and flee to your grandmothers 2 hours to the south for her 95th birthday complete with heat and electricity!!

    I had hot water throughout thanks to the gas hot water heater. Too bad you didn’t know about the secret key, you could have gone over and showered.

    Now to start the guessing where the $200 will be. At the bottom of Soolins food bin? In the never ending bag of almonds? Or will it be a fake can of OJ in the freezer…..?


  2. dlh says:

    I had no gas for any expedition – I was literally on ‘E’ with the warning light on when I started the car saturday morning. I did a swing down into saratoga and out to route 50/87 to see if anyone was open to sell gas, and no one was, at which point I drove home on fumes. ;-(

    Although I am a loser and realized saturday afternoon that there was gas in a can for the lawnmower, which I used and then drove to my uncles to take a shower.

    As to the $200, I ain’t tellin 😉


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