Pulling a disappearing act

As of about noon today, I’ll be offline for roughly a week – no internet access from (either) home, no computer access, no nothing. The move is in its last phase and I’m headed off to MA tomorrow morning to get myself moved into my new place in Hadley. I got a ramshackle old 3 bedroom farmhouse less than 5 miles from work, thank god for a little elbow room after a year and a half in my cottage. Anyway, I think I’ve responded to all outstanding emails – if I missed yours, apologies, I promise to reply as soon as I’m back on the net.

The server will not be going down as Andrew has graciously agreed to let it live on his network until I can get things up and running in MA. Please be kind to the machine until it’s back on my own network, especially in the evening hours when Andrew is likely to be playing Battlefield 2 and not too happy to have his latency increase – stay out of the image gallery unless you absolutely must, and if you must, do so during the day.

If you need to get ahold of me, use the cell phone number found from the contact links above.

0 thoughts on “Pulling a disappearing act

  1. Drew says:

    *waves hand from balcony to throng of peasants who love me for my graciousness and benevolence*

    Good luck with the move. LMK if you need me to swoop over to help out.


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