5 long years

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. Of course I kid in the title – these have flown by unbelievably quickly, and while Susan and I have the normal kinds of tensions and dramas in our day to day relationship, we’ve also been absolutely blessed – 2 beautiful kids, success in both our careers, stable finances, comfortable living despite those pernicious kids, etc. The traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood, so:

Wooden flowers for anniversary gift

The sad thing is this photo about sums up our anniversary – that’s all there was to it – a quick handoff of the flowers, a brief kiss, then back to it. Everything else was the usual day to day rush – work, daycare, child rearing, chores, sleep. No time to stop and smell the wooden roses as it were. I’m counting on that coming later as these kids get a bit older, though I think I’m more optimistic about this than Susan is. Still, my main point is more or less, yay!

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