The mighty Soolin turns 10

Soolin in her 10th birthday just after getting her gifts

Hard to believe but true – my beautiful golden retriever turns 10 today. The picture is from her party tonight, during which the kids gave her some gifts (a stuffed where’s Waldo chosen by Laura and a repeat of an earlier favorite, the squeaking green dragon) which she had a blast with. Truth is the ol gal isn’t aging all that gracefully – she’s got really bad hips and a number of non-cancerous growths on her, one of which is at least 15-20 pounds and severely impacting her comfort and mobility, but she’s still got some get up and go in her. More importantly she’s still quick with a smile and an offer to play, and she’s still doing her part around the house, particularly when it comes to the coyotes. I love her with all my heart.

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