Brady’s first black eye, from yesterday, when he fell out of a ride-on plastic boat at daycare. It’s actually a bit worse than it looks – you can’t see how swollen his eye is from this angle, and he fell onto carpeting that left him with rugburn on the side of his face that’s more painful than the bruise is. That said, he had bigger problems yesterday. Everyone in the family is fighting a throat/chest cold and he’s got it worst, with a raspy cough that’s driving him nuts. Plus he got a terrible diaper rash yesterday. When he first got home he had a full on meltdown which took a good bit of mom-time to sort out. At one point Susan had Laura screaming for dinner on one side and naked Brady screaming for comfort on the other side. Family drama ftw!

5 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. dlh says:

    Hairstyle courtesy of the big boy bed šŸ˜‰

    (I’ll see if Susan’s got a photo – he takes the funniest positions. The bed is a mattress on the floor next to his crib, and sometimes, he gets down on all fours on the floor with his head on the bed, then falls asleep. He looks ridiculous and adorable at the same time).

    as to the ‘it ends at 18,’ line, you joke, but my friends kids are at or approaching the jr high age range where I turned into a little devil. I shudder to think of those kids, who I’ve known since they were infants, getting up to the mischief I got into in Huntington and then in Northport.


  2. Drew says:

    I am just getting over the whole chest cold thing. A week of illness followed by a week of recovery.
    Sorry to hear about the black eye. I hope everyone has a speedy recovery.


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