Get flu shot; get flu

So I ended up with the flu this year. At least, that’s the best explanation I have for what I have been going through. It started last Thursday, when both Brady and I came down with a bad stomach bug. Susan had been sick earlier in the week, so at first we thought, welp we’re getting what she had. But after a couple of days my stomach got better. Meantime though, by Saturday Brady was running a 101 fever and by Sunday he had a nasty wet cough. Meantime, Sunday I developed a scratchy throat, and by Monday felt poorly but thought I just had a cold. I stayed home and lounged on the couch figuring I would be better by the following day. Instead, I was worse – I went to work but came home miserable at lunch. Wednesday I had an all day function I *had* to be at, and so I went in, but again by lunch I was deadly ill – coughing, stuffed head, bad headache. I begged off the function at lunchtime and again headed home. Thursday was more of the same. Today, I am finally starting to feel better. Most of the congestion has eased, the cough is less painful and frequent, and my eyes aren’t watering constantly. WTH it was, I don’t know. I did get a mild temperature for a couple of days, but it was like 100 tops, very mild. Was it the flu? Just a particularly bad strain of the common cold? I guess I’ll never know.

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