Friday Fun – every issue of Dragon Magazine, for free

Polyhedron too. This is apparently controversial and violating some copyrights, so follow your own conscience, but has this piece outlining the issue and linking to the specific repositories for these. This is a pretty amazing walk down memory lane, and a nice workaround to the impossibility of otherwise acquiring this material. TSR or someone they licensed to do it actually sold a physical media collection of all of this, which I used to fondle in the gamestop at the Maine Mall now and then. It was north of $50, which was a lot of money to me back then so I never ended up with it, though had I known it would end up being worth hundreds because of how hard it is to come by a copy I might have found a way to come up with the money. Anyway, enjoy a little nostalgic tour of pen and paper RPG history if you’re so inclined. If you don’t want to read the piece itself, the Dragon Magazines are here and here’s the Polyhedron repository.


[edit: links removed. No more controversy – they had to remove this material. Evidently it was violating copyright]

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun – every issue of Dragon Magazine, for free

  1. dlh says:

    Well that didn’t last too long. Hope anyone who wasn’t troubled by the issues managed to score their copies of this material by now because I notice had to pull it down, presumably because of copyright violations. FWIW I think’s heart is in the right place – the magazine is out of print, increasingly you can’t buy them, and they’re trying to preserve our history.


  2. Tui says:

    PDFs of pretty much all D&D stuff is available via torrents too. If you don’t like the shady/illegal route, Wizards of the Coast sells legit PDF copies of some material now: The only Dragon Magazine content is the newest 4e compilation, though.


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