Followup on Brady’s health

Two doctor’s visits and 5 days later…he’s ok. His fever stuck with him over the weekend, which left him cranky and a bit spacey. This in turned caused a lack of sleep, ie the dreaded unhappy kid feedback loop. Still, Brady’s about as easygoing as a little ~2 year old can get, and a cranky Brady has so far been pretty easy to deal with. Worse was his development of a full body rash Monday morning. I first detected it starting Sunday after his afternoon nap, and by Monday it was much further along – far enough that his daycare provider called and we had him back to the Doctor yesterday afternoon. They took him off the Amoxicillin and, provided the rash faded, will chalk it up to a not uncommon alergic reaction to the drug. Last night he was breaking out in hives, but by this morning aside from some faint markings on his chest it was all cleared up, his fever appeared to be fully gone, and all, we hope, is now well and back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Followup on Brady’s health

  1. Jesse says:

    All’s well that ends well, right? And now you also know, via a fairly innocuous reaction, that he’s allergic to amoxicillin. Poor little guy though, huh? I bet he’s happier without the rash.


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