It’s the new taste sensation

I had a wonderful exchange with my ~20 month old son Brady yesterday. I talk to him about everything I do when I’m watching him, to help him with language acquisition and to help provide context for the world. Yesterday I was making iced tea from a powdered mix. He’s aware that I drink iced tea a lot, and knows it’s called ‘tea’ He asks for some occasionally and knows he can’t have any. So anyway, yesterday I’m making it, and talking him through the steps – water into the bottle, tea mix into the water, shake shake shake, and viola, tea!. He asks ‘tea….water?’ Yes, I put the tea mix in the water, and it makes tea!’ He considers this, then plucks a curd of cottage cheese* from his dish, holds it out to me, and demands ‘Cheese Water! Cheese Water!’


* (Cottage cheese is one of his favorite foods).

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