A magic little Brady moment

It’s been clear for quite a while that Brady understands a lot of what he hears. On a whim I put this to the test this Sunday. He was taking a bath and playing with his toys. His current favorite bathtoy is the bottle his eye infection medication came in. He knows it’s called ‘bottle’ (that’s ‘baba’ to him), and he likes to fill it with water by submerging it then dumping it out. He seems to have a similarly impish sense of humor to my own, and will try to pour the water on me (always good for a giggle), or out of the tub if he’s bored or notices I have stopped paying attention to him. Anyway Sunday I asked him if he could ‘fill your bottle with water, then pour it on your hand?’ and was astounded when he did precisely that, twice, while looking at me with a quizzical expression, which I took to mean something like ‘ok yeah, but why, what does this mean, Dad? What’s the significance, and why are you laughing? Did you just trick me somehow?’ I told him it would help him clean his dirty hands, which caused him to do the rub hands/fingers together motions he does when we ask him to clean his hands. Oh, the mysteries of cognition. I LOVE this period of development in kids.

3 thoughts on “A magic little Brady moment

  1. Kevin Travers says:

    Ha! That’s great. Believe me, those types of moments just keep getting more amazing. Recently I was watching a somewhat scary movie with Zack (8 now) and in a particularly scary moment I said to him “don’t worry buddy, it’s all make believe.” he turned to me and seemed to look at me, assessing if I was being serious. Then he replied (with a level of impatience at my interruption) … “It’s ok Dad, they’re just building tension.” I sat dumbstruck for a moment then said “ok, Scorsese!” I’ve said it before and I still hold to it… Fatherhood is the greatest adventure of all!!


  2. dadleehamilton says:

    case in point, west coast version:

    and then there’s dashiel, speaking into his play phone as if giving his number to a caller: “3-4-5-6-7”. dash is newly two; ben is nearly.

    yes, it’s a most interesting time. p.s.: it never ends.


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