Crimes against the family

Heh. So my Dad came to visit for the weekend, and spent time coddling the toddler, and yet somehow we took exactly no pictures of him. How that was managed I have no idea, we even talked about needing to do it a couple of times. This post will have to suffice as the record of the visit. Brady was his usual little charmer. I loved watching him interact with Dad – he’d go over and test his theorems on him, like for example ‘da, wat dis!’ (holding up a toilet paper roll to me, say). ‘Toilet Paper roll!’ I’d tell him, at which point Brady would trundle over to Dad and hold it up and say ‘dis?’

I love this stage of development.

We didn’t do too much during the visit, a combination of the fact that Dad was still recovering from Australian Jet Lag and Susan and I are like a decade of recovering from ‘we’re parents of a toddler, and have 3 acres of land to tend to.’ That by way of saying, Dad slept a lot, and I had a bunch of chores, including mowing 1/3 of the lawn and finishing the frame for the enclosure on the new chicken coop and the roof and nesting box for the minicoop. Susan had garden work.

Dad did get to spend some time with Susan and Brady in Northampton, including lunch and the requisite shopping at the coop, which all seemed to enjoy, so at least we managed to do some quasi entertaining, even if I was stuck at work. Oh, and Dad and I took Brady to a playground on Sunday for a little sliding and swinging action. So – despite our various inadequacies as entertainers we’re still really glad he came, and after he left we swore to do better next time.

There’s one little coda, which is that Dad forgot his cellphone, and it was all I could do to resist the urge to prank it up, but I shipped it back to him intact with nary a bit of tinkering by me đŸ˜‰

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