Bad news about Soolin

Sorry for the gruesome photo. As you can see, Soolin had surgery this week. During her annual physical a few weeks ago, a sample of one of the three peanut sized tumors she had on her back came up suspicious. That got sent to a lab, and those results led to an immediate surgical procedure to remove them. I was in shock when I picked her up – these things were very small, and I was expecting little 1 or 2 inch incisions, not these 7-8″ Frankenstein’s monster scars. The good news is 2 of the tumors were right next to each other so she has only 2 scars, not 3. She’s also handling the recovery much better than the last surgery she had.

The bad news is this was cancer – a mast cell tumor to be precise. Her chances seem decent, so I’m hopeful. Only one of the three came back as definite cancer, and the one was stage 2, which is better than stage 3. For now, we watch to see if she gets any more tumors or if the cancerous one grows back.

All in though I feel terrible for her and pretty sad. She’s only 7 and already having all these bad health issues. She still has her happy demeanor and still wants to play, but now all I do is worry that some other shoe is about to drop for her. Here’s hoping this is the last of her troubles. She has another week of forced inactivity then her stitches come out and she can return to her normal lifestyle.


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