Brady’s 5th month

So I’ve been a neglectful Dad and failed to point out that Brady finished his 5th month on earth on Sunday the 22nd. This month saw him start to use his hands to grasp and manipulate things, though still very clumsily. He’s also started experimenting with vocalizing, and he’s begun eating solid foods (potatoes, bananas, and pears are all big hits. Avocado, not so much). The speech stuff is the most fun for me – you can see the mental process he’s going through sometimes, and it’s clear he’s figuring out that vocalizing is communicating. I can sometimes get him engaged in little conversations where we trade sounds back and forth – me with words, him with little sonic experiments. I absolutely love this. Oh, and this month also saw him pretty consistently sleeping through the night, a huge relief, especially to Susan. Generally he heads up to bed around 7 and is usually asleep by 8. Sometimes he stirs in the early am, starting around 4AM, but usually Susan can calm him enough that he’ll stay in bed until 6, and a few times all of us have slept till 7:30 on the weekends.

The only downside to this month has been that the transition to solid food means…pooping. Lots of it. He would sometimes go for as many as 5 or 6 days between poops. Now, sometimes he has 4 in a day. Susan is not buying my ‘well ok then, lets keep him on breast milk and formula till he’s potty trained’ plan for some reason, so this means more diaper changing of grossness.

Anyway, overall another great month. No new pictures yet, but there is a gallery of all the pictures we took during his fifth month, including this one of his first bite of solid food:

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