An iphone sword of Fargoal remake

Screenshot from Sword of Fargoal ported to the...
Image via Wikipedia

Another reason to love my iphone: a remake of the classic old Commodore 64 rpg-lite, Sword of Fargoal, by the original developers. Info on the new iphone version can be had over on toucharcade, there’s a decent write-up on the original here on wikipedia, and I’ve mentioned it at least once before here when a pc version was released. I picked this up when it came out several weeks ago for $5, and it’s on sale now for only $1.99. Definitely worth grabbing if you played the original and have fond memories of it, and also worth a look if you enjoy the genre.  The remake adds graphical polish, item and monster enhancements, and user interface changes to make it work well on the phone.

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