An iphone sword of Fargoal remake

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Another reason to love my iphone: a remake of the classic old Commodore 64 rpg-lite, Sword of Fargoal, by the original developers. Info on the new iphone version can be had over on toucharcade, there’s a decent write-up on the original here on wikipedia, and I’ve mentioned it at least once before here when a pc version was released. I picked this up when it came out several weeks ago for $5, and it’s on sale now for only $1.99. Definitely worth grabbing if you played the original and have fond memories of it, and also worth a look if you enjoy the genre.  The remake adds graphical polish, item and monster enhancements, and user interface changes to make it work well on the phone.

Spelunker returns

Back in the day, I had a Commodore 64 and loved it. There was a brutally difficult little platformer on the C64 called Spelunker, featuring you as a miner making his way to the deepest depths of a mineshaft infested with critters out for your blood and a constantly depleting air supply. It was fantastic, and I still pride myself on the fact that I actually beat the game way back when. The Tokyo Game show just finished up on Friday and a remake was announced featuring updated graphics and some kind of multiplayer mode for the Sony Playstation 3. This is a definite purchase for me and I’ll be looking for companions in the multiplayer mode, assuming it’s worth playing.There are some screenshots of the new version and some impressions of the gameplay over here on Joystiq.