New Year’s resolution

Last year my resolution was to give up my daily diet coke habit, and I actually succeeded, so this year I’m going to go for two resolutions. We’ll see how it goes. My first resolution is similar to last year’s, but this time I’ll focus on coffee. I drink way too much. My daily intake looks like: 2 cups before I get to work, a cup at work in the morning, and another cup in the afternoon after lunch. Things are even worse on the weekends, when I often drink three pots of coffee with Susan. For this year I’ll keep it simple, and resolve to lose the cup of coffee when I get to work.

My second resolution is to revisit one I madeand failed to keep a couple of years ago. You may notice the new lifestream in the right column of this site, and I’m going to do my bit to populate it by resolving to record every book and movie I read this year, much like I started to do in this booklog and movielog back in 2006. Part of the reason I abandoned the logs back in 2006 was it started to feel like a chore. To make this easier, this time around I make no guarantees as to how much I’ll say about a given book/movie/whatever – the resolution is to simply at a minimum record the fact that I did it, and maybe a sentence or two about what I thought. We’ll see how it goes.

0 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution

  1. Drew says:

    Hey, congrats on last years resolution success. That is a good habit to be rid of.
    That is a significant amount of coffee each day. Probably best to start off with the one cup to minimize any adverse side affects that a more significant loss of caffeine might cause.
    Are you still using your Bodum press?


  2. dlh says:

    Man, I need to blog our adventures in coffee making, with photos. The short answer would be: yep, still using it, but only sometimes. We currently have 3 coffee pots, all of the vacuum variety, sitting in our kitchen, and each is getting used regularly. We’re trying to decide what to do. I’ll write about it, maybe by this weekend.


  3. dlh says:

    Why am I so like mom? Because I drink a lot of coffee is I guess what you mean. As to the weaning, yeah. So far so good. No headaches. Also, if all you can drink is diet soda, diet coke is not bad and actually one of the best, especially the made with splenda variety.


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