I am well and truly f*cked

I knew the headline ‘Good Cholesterol dementia risk’ was going to be a problem when I saw it, and clicking through proved me right. Research in Europe suggests a link between a lack of “good” (HDL) cholesterol and poor memory functions. Anyone who knows me knows I have a terrible memory for details. What they may not know is I have a chronic problem with low HDL cholesterol. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes years ago, my HDL/LDL ratio was atrocious, and despite years of experimenting with various diet and drug regimens, the highest I’ve ever gotten my HDL is 20. Anything below 40 is considered a risk for heart disease. I’ve been as low as 12. The only good thing about all this is I probably won’t remember it’s a problem in a month or two 😉

The article’s over here, for those who are curious.

0 thoughts on “I am well and truly f*cked

  1. Drew says:

    Hell, my memory is so bad, every time I come to your site I think its the first time I have been here! 😉

    Of course now I have to actually look at the rest of the numbers on the blood work results instead of just the overall number. It might explain a few things…


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