Entertaining thread on metafilter about Action Park

Andrew pointed me over to an entertaining thread about Action Park, the long closed and fabulously dangerous first person amusement park* that I used to go to a couple of times a year back in the mid 80’s through the early 90’s, and I couldn’t help contributing my favorite little vignette from my times in the park to the thread. The thread starts here on metafilter, and my contribution is here. As a teaser to incent the clickage, the story involves an unwelcome enema. How can you resist clicking through to discover how that could happen at an amusement park!

* first person because most of the rides featured you putting your body in some form of harm’s way, be it on a waterslide, alpine slide, running down rapids in a tube, or jumping off a platform on a bungie cord.

Spoiler below! Don’t read till you’ve read the metafilter story!

I should add that I didn’t tell the whole story over on metafilter because I figured no one would believe me, but the coda was, after Brian and I waddled over to the first men’s room we could find, we opened the door to discover a little kid who had absolutely exploded with diarrhea and was standing in the middle of the bathroom in obvious distress. We couldn’t figure out what to do about the kid, and after a brief mexican standoff we both retreated and waddled off in search of another bathroom, both of us unwilling to use the completely soiled one.

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